Dreamer Studios Inc.

Custom Websites

Dreamer Studios is a small one man operation out of Irvine, CA and we build custom websites! Or more accurately - I build custom websites! I specialize in big, complicated sites with lots of customization and lots of moving parts, but I also love to work on small projects as well.

Over the years I've done 30+ custom database driven websites (not wordpress clone websites) and most of them as the sole developer. I am an expert in frontend, backend, databases, scalability, ecommerce, you name it! Instead of a team of people, why not just hire one expert?

How I Work

For Big Projects - Before getting started I work with my clients to come up with a detailed 4-5 phase plan to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Then I give estimates on how much time each phase will take. This helps you:

  1. Prioritize what you really need done over what's "nice to have"
  2. Budget for each phase
  3. Be able to see and measure my progress after just phase 1

For Small Projects - Before getting started I always give an estimate of how much time a given task will take and then I do my best to come in below my estimate.

Some Recent Projects

More About Me

I am based out of Irvine, CA and I graduated from UC Berkeley with a BS in Computer Science. I've spent the last 15 years of my life creating scalable, fast, and reliable medium-to-large scale websites and applications for businesses.

Did you know an expert programmer can do the work of a staff of 5 ordinary programmers + designer + manager! Why pay a big company that needs to pay for office space and managers, and that's probably just going to outsource your work to another country or a junior programmer? Instead deal directly with an experienced professional who is able to understand and execute exactly what you need.

  • I work from home to maintain low costs.
  • I work alone to maintain high quality.
  • I work with only one or two customers at a time to maximize my response time to your needs.

Technological Expertise

I've programmed everything from satellite simulation software » to real estate management software » to self help websites » to video hosting services » to fashion e-commerce sites.

Projects have been done in a variety of different languages including C++, Java, PHP and others. I'm an expert in Amazon Cloud Services and I'm very well versed in MySQL plus many other technologies such as Android, Perl, Javascript, JQuery, JQuery-ui, JQuery-mobile, WordPress, CSS3, HTML5, XML, LAMP, SOAP, J2EE, JBoss, DNS, MongoDB, and Memcache

You want APIs? I've worked with Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Groupon, Amazon, Ebay, AuthorizeNET and more. Plus I've built my own APIs.

Need an App? I've created a variety of Android Apps including a local network app (like Sonar), a Lucid Dreaming App, + an app to help Doctors and patients communicate.


If I say a project will be done by a certain time and at a certain budget, it will be done in that time and at that budget. If there is something your project requires and I don't already know it - I'll spend my own time learning it before you spend your money.

Speed & Efficiency

Remember to not just look at price/hr when hiring someone for your project. It doesn't save any money hiring someone who charges $20 per hour but takes SIX months to do what I could do in ONE!

In short you tell me what you need
and I will built it for you faster, better,
and cheaper than anyone else. - Brian